Saturday, September 12, 2015

BeatStreet Cleveland is only ONE WEEK AWAY! Important UPDATES!

BeatStreet Cleveland is only seven days away, and I am SOOOO excited about all the great things happening as we get ready, oh Daddio, to go WILD at the Barking Spider!

First, please help me spread the word that BeatStreet Cleveland will be running on REAL TIME NOT POETS' TIME!  We will begin promptly at 3pm and will end at 7pm.  We have secured a venue within walking distance for the afterparty, and will announce it at BeatStreet.  Plan on grooving with us after the show!  Bongos and berets optional.

You know how d. a. levy said he wanted to cover the city with lines?  Yesterday, I covered the city with signs.  I still have more posters to hang.  The programs are being printed.   I also met up with Jenna from the Barking Spider.

Jenna has invited you to bring sandwiches, salad, pizza, or any other food you like to BeatStreet Cleveland.  The Barking Spider will have beer, beer, and beer.  And beer.  Did I mention beer? 

Jenna also told me about parking.  The Barking Spider is located behind the Coffee House between Juniper and Bellflower Roads.  There are metered lots behind the Spider on Bellflower.  Parking on the street is tricky, especially on a Saturday, so plan on getting there early if you want a spot on the street.  There's a parking garage a couple blocks away, on Ford, across from Hessler Street.  Weather should be decent, so walking from the garage is a viable option.

Today, I received a box full of delectable minibooks from Richard Robert Hansen at Poems-For-All, with a series of special editions marked "BeatStreet Cleveland"!  I'm delighted beyond words, and honored by his generosity. 

This afternoon, I worked on getting the door prizes packaged and ready to go, and you won't believe what we have to give away!  Thanks to the generosity of Mac's Backs Books, Guide to Kulchur, Crisis Chronicles Press, Ghost Pony & Abraxas Presses, Poems-For-All, John Dorsey, and Kevin Eberhardt, with a few things from NightBallet Press thrown in, we have 9 packages containing such goodies as:

I Greet You at the Beginning of a Great Career-The Selected Correspondence of Ferlinghetti and Ginsberg 1955-1997

Zen Concrete & etc. by d.a. levy

Bright Moments-A Collection of Jazz Poetry  -- this one contains poems by A. Baraka, Jack Micheline, Frank O'Hara, and Jack Kerouac

For Aldous' Sake  -- art and poetry by local artist Kevin Eberhardt

The Night Market by D. R. Wagner

The Fall of America-Poems of These States 1965-1971 by Allen Ginsberg

Beat Attitudes by John Burroughs

John Dorsey stamps, signed (only 50 of these signed stamps exist)

and much more!

One more week, people, and BeatStreet Cleveland will HAPPEN.  See you there!

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